Class of 2025
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Gadsden, Alabama

Major: Biology (Concentration: Cell & Molecular Biology)
Minor: Chemistry

Hobbies: Music (vocal/piano), photography, student government, biology research, writing

Why Duke?

My whole life, I've been fascinated with everything that encompasses being "alive," and my interests reflect that both in and out of the classroom. My love for biology was a perfect match thanks to the various opportunities to equip me on the pre-medical track, and at Duke, research isn't only available: it's advocated. The interdisciplinary nature of programs like FOCUS and Bass Connections is something I was really looking for in my college pursuits. Not only are the academics immersive, but after feeling the whole student body's vibrant energy of dedicated, kind people, I knew that I was meant to be a Blue Devil. To me, this scholarship represents an open door where I can continue to explore the wonders that Duke has to offer, just as those in my family who came before me - and I'm so thankful for this opportunity. I'm currently part of the Science and Religion in Public Life FOCUS cluster, but during my next four years, I plan to be involved with the Duke Student Government, the Black Student Alliance, and potentially an intramural soccer team; I'm ready to explore and broaden my endeavors. I haven't gotten to campus quite yet, but I'm sure I'll enjoy wandering Duke Gardens, snapping photos of the architecture (and the food!) at the Brodhead Center, and who knows- maybe tenting for the Duke-UNC game!