Executive Director

Hometown: Red Wood City, California and Arlington, Texas

Hobbies: My favorite pastimes are exploring nature trails in Durham and Chapel Hill, watching my kids play sports, and listening to podcasts.

Why did you choose Duke OUSF?
I have a background in building, delivering, and assessing co-curricular programs for students. Being at Duke has enabled me to bring these skills to a dynamic group of merit scholars and nationally competitive scholarship applicants, which I thoroughly enjoy. One of the best aspects of my role is the broad range of students I work with—from graduating high school seniors to undergrads to graduate students and alumni.

My doctorate is in Learning, Design, and Technology, and my research focuses on the benefits of experiential learning and electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff, and employers. Prior to arriving at Duke, I worked over 15 years in honors education.

The best thing about OUSF is the close-knit community. I am grateful for the amazing students and fantastic colleagues I have the opportunity to work with each day.