Class of 2024
Cassell/Saperstein Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hobbies: Research, Basketball, Movies, Cats, and Disney.

Why Duke?

Duke has been a part of me my entire life. My parent's first date was to a Duke Basketball game. My father received twenty years of life in the form of kidney-pancreas transplant from Duke's hospital. Without these two pieces, I would not have been born. Duke even taught me my love of basketball, a sport I managed all four years of high school.

Because of Duke's ability to make miracles happen, my father went there when his health began to suffer again. Unfortunately, Duke is where he passed away. 

For a while, Duke lost its shine. I was stuck between the pain present on the campus and the feeling that Duke had always been my destiny. 
Months later, I went on a tour of Duke's engineering quad, as I intend to major in biomedical engineering, a career responsible for making miracles happen. I looked up, and there was his hospital room's window. It stares directly down upon the new biomedical engineering building. He was looking down on me. Duke had given me one more miracle.

Though there is pain at Duke, there are many more miracles. If I go to Duke, I can be around these miracles and have a hand in making more happen. I can be watched over by my father while I pursue my dreams. 

Duke has always been my destiny. Now, I get to be a part of those miracles that take place on Duke's campus.