Class of 2024


Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Academic Interests: Public Policy, Civic Engagement and Social Change

Hobbies: Literature's my oldest companion; I often read (right now, I'm on some DuBois and Adrienne Rich) atop a roof of a parking garage when I'm back in Cleveland. I spend my breaks and nights painting a couple of essays and short stories I lament the public's unprepared for in a sketchbook I purchased at the bookstore where I barista. I also enjoy Earl Sweatshirt's music. Besides that, I'm sitting on a swing adjacent to life; we giggle while trying to swing higher than the other. Besides that, I'm somewhere misbehaving with my homeboys.

Why Duke?

Again, literature and I are like two bank robbers after a successful heist--glad to still have each other and the loot of beautiful syntax and novel knowledge. Years ago, I read and enjoyed Prof. Mark Anthony Neal‚ New Black Man.  Plus, my high school librarian went to and worked at Duke and he's the man. Thus, I figured Duke's for me. 

I made friends whose benevolence and commitment to friendship make me question where my endless luck arises from throughout my first year. My professors whose passions for and almost omniscient knowledge of their subjects, complemented by their friendly and supportive auras (lookin' at you, Profs. Thompson, Waggoner, Hollowell, Klein, and Bar-On), birthed a belief within myself that no other education tops Duke's. 

I cannot permit myself to praise the University without remarking on its pitfalls. The grandest obstacle to my transferring is Dean Ashby, my Reggie mom. My beef with the administration is about as tough as short ribs, but she's the individual whom I'm sure voices the protests and (few) commendations that students who look like I do have for the University.