Class of 2023
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Major: Psychology
Minors: Biology, Chemistry

Hobbies: Sports, music, reading

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because I fell in love with the campus and its culture. When I first visited Duke, I immediately knew that this was where I wanted to go because everybody I met was so welcoming, and I could see myself thriving in this environment. At Duke, I've been a practice player for the women's basketball team, served as a FAC and head FAC, and have been able to work on a research project as part of my Bass Connections team. The Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholarship is important to me because it has provided me with a family of awesome people. The Reggies have been a steady presence in my life during these last few years. When I'm not studying or sleeping, I love playing ping pong and relaxing on the quad. I'm also a huge fan of late-night food runs!