Class of 2023
A.J. Tannenbaum Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Sociology

Hobbies: Environmentalism, Playing Guitar, Political Activism, Hiking, Reading/Poetry

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because it offers unparalleled career and extracurricular opportunities, as well as a passionate, driven, and spirited student body with diverse interests and backgrounds. 

Some of my most important accomplishments at Duke involve my activities outside of the classroom. This year, I have been involved in a Bass Connections project, where I conducted research regarding couples communication in cancer, in hopes to use the eventual findings to inform patient-provider communication in the context of any serious illness.

This past year, I was the Director of Communications for GlobeMed, a club that works to raise awareness about and combat global health inequities, and I will be the Internal President next year. I have also tutored fifth grade students in Durham Public Schools through America Reads America Counts and served as a First-Year Advisory Counselor and a leader for Project Build. 

To me, this scholarship means having the ability to focus on my academic life at Duke without worrying about debt, work-study, or financial burden on myself and my family. This scholarship gives me the freedom to pursue my goals fully, and I am so grateful to the Tannenbaum family for their generosity. 

While at Duke, I enjoy spending time with friends. I love to try new restaurants in Durham, walk around the Duke Gardens, go to the farmers market on weekends, and go hiking in Eno State Park.