Class of 2025
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Glen Allen, Virginia

Major: Public Policy
Minor: Education

Hobbies: My hobbies included choral singing, bargain hunting, trying new restaurants, going to live music events, and bike riding. I have interests in the policy passage process, politics, advocacy, and community empowerment. At Duke I am a member of the Black Women’s Union and Black Student Alliance, Assistant Choral Director for United and Praise Gospel choir, am involved in student government, have participated in Bass Connections, and am planning on studying abroad for the 2023-2024 year in Scotland and Washington, DC!

Why Duke?

I decided to attend Duke because of the rich academic resources and lively alumni/student community. Applying ED was scary but the influx of warm welcomes and financial support really secured my choice. The southern charm and inviting Durham community also influenced my decision!

My hope for the next two years is to continue to remain active in student advocacy groups as well as increase my involvement within the Durham community. It is vital that I act as both a Duke student and Durham community member. I am looking forward on finding avenues to gain awareness and impact in the community.