Class of 2025
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Glen Allen, Virginia

Academic Interests: Psychology, Global Health, Education, African American Studies

Hobbies: Choral Music, forensics/speech and debate, student government, church youth group activities, volunteering with educational camps, peer to peer mentoring

Why Duke?

As an incoming first year student, I fell in love with Duke's philosophy and flexible curriculum. The focus on skill building within content areas solidifies the university's mission to student success and grade point average. Along with skill building, they are also opportunities to implement those tools alongside professors through research. In addition, Duke's prioritization of balancing rigor in coursework and recreational opportunities for students helped to confirm that Duke was the right school for me. The offering of cultural/ethnic groups as well as various arts communities also secured my choice. The Mary Lou Center for Black Culture along with many choral programs have reputations of creating a sense of solace for students. Duke's focus on student success, choral arts, and faculty research opportunities align with the activities and passions which have shaped my life.

Receiving the Reginaldo Howard Scholarship not only alleviated financial stress from my family but has already provided a strong academic community and support system. The standard of excellence associated with this scholarship will push me to reach my full potential. Given the scholarship is in memory of Mr. Reginaldo Howard, there is a constant motivator to excel in all aspects of academic excellence, leadership, community service and social justice. The requirements and values of being a Reggie scholar not only align with my ambitions, but embody my morals and goals.