Class of 2025
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Majors: Biomedical Engineering and Economics
Certificate: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: swimming, dancing

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because of the amazing academic and extracurricular activities that the university offers. With programs like Duke Focus and Duke Engage, I can get connected with professors and fellow students, further dive into my interests and apply my knowledge into solving real world problems. The international and diverse community also allows me to join various clubs and organizations to explore fields beyond my interests. Despite being super busy, the staff and students at school are always willing to chat and assist me whenever I struggle. Overall, the work hard, play hard culture and the supportive community have totally captivated me.

Karsh International Scholars Program excites me with abundant opportunities to be connected and learn from my peers who come from different walks of life. Through just a quick conversation with Karsh scholars, I could already feel the diverse experiences and interests that make up our community. I'm also extremely grateful for the mentorship, enrichment opportunities and financial support from Duke University and Mr. and Mrs. Karsh during my next four years at the university.