Class of 2026

Hometown: Iran

Majors: Computer Science - Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Speech making and discussions, dance, socializing, animal care, voluntary activities, movies and musics, meditation and mindfulness.

Why Duke?

The Karsh International Scholarship reminds me of the days when all I had was hope and belief; I was sure smart and hard work was enough to get me everything and anything I could possibly dream of. The process of working towards this goal became a great part of my personal growth. I learnt I could turn my big thoughts into reality with positivity and effort. I realized there are many opportunities in the world, and it is up to me to find and achieve them. Also, helping other people make their dreams come true is one of the most humane and incredible things to do in our lifetime; I will not break this cycle. I am forever grateful for anyone who is part of this huge accomplishment. It is, for certain, an honor to be named a scholar at Duke University, and I will always keep doing my best to achieve even bigger goals—this is just the beginning!