Class of 2024
David L. Maynard Family Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Midway, North Carolina

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Minor: Mathematics

Hobbies: I love to listen to new music and podcasts, hike, and to sketch/journal. 

Why Duke?

When I was looking for colleges, I wanted to go to a school that had the perfect balance between challenging academics and a rewarding social environment—which is exactly what Duke is to me. I chose Duke because of its welcoming atmosphere and vibrant community—not to mention the amazing food on campus. As a freshman, I was a part of the eNable club that 3D printed prosthetics for Durham locals and also worked part time in the Collier Lab. Coming into sophomore year, I'm excited to be living in the SmartHome and volunteer as a part of the PPG Women's Leadership Initiative Cohort. The Trinity Scholarship has been incredibly meaningful to my time here at Duke. The programming and networking that this scholarship provides not only helps me academically but also strengthens my mental health as it actively prevents burnout. Despite having COVID restrictions my first year, there were plenty of fun things to do like exploring Ninth Street, sunbathing in the Quad, and hanging out in the engineering pod with my friends. My favorite thing to do though was just picking food up from Marketplace and having dinners with my friends whenever possible.