Class of 2026
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Environmental sustainability, Programming and basketball

Why Duke?

I discovered my multi-functionality when I interned at Green Ghana. I got to work under Dr. Acheampong in a statistical evaluation of the damage to water and land resources by the various sources of pollution. One day I was mapping out areas to plant trees, the next I was leading a town hall to convince indigenes to not defecate in their local river. At Duke’s Nicholas School of the environment, I hope to continue my environmental sustainability pursuits through the A.B. in Environmental Science and Policy. I want to be able to pull from multiple perspectives in finding environmental solutions. I take particular interest in understudying Professor Elizabeth Albright as I am interested in her research areas—Economics, Policy, and Governance—in environmental sciences, which are in line with the foundation of my environmental sustainability projects. I hope to study in the interdisciplinary curriculum Duke has to offer which combines seemingly unrelated fields like environmental humanities and governance with computer science to produce workable solutions to real world problems. Duke presents to me a rare opportunity to grow as an interdisciplinary learner and problem solver, and it would be a true honor to be accepted into the program.