Class of 2026
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: San Diego, California

Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Outside of class I enjoy working out and playing basketball. Both have been huge stress relievers over the years and have boosted my focus levels and challenge me in a unique way. Additionally, I enjoy skimming the web for YouTube videos and podcasts that mostly deal with politics and the environment. I have also made it a point to be a part of organizations that uplift first-generation low income (FGLI) students, on my part helping organize a job fair and educational program for such students. I hope to continue uplifting FGLI at Duke.

Why Duke?

Duke fit everything I was looking for out of an educational institution. It is strong in virtually every field, is not overwhelmingly large, attracts great minds from all over the world, is in the prospering Research Triangle area, and exudes a winning culture. I eagerly anticipate expanding my worldview through intellectual, academic settings as well as learning the stories of people from all walks of life as I roam the beautiful campus. I look forward to being inspired by those around me and using that inspiration to figure out who I want to be and what I want to do at Duke and beyond. The scholarship means making my single mother proud who will not have to worry about how to finance my education. It means proving to myself that I am wanted at such an elite institution which is highly improbable for a first-generation, low-income student like myself. The A.B. gives me full confidence that I can continue to be myself and represent my community. I am beyond elated to have the honor of being a part of an amazing network of fellow A.B. students and alumni that are all reaching for more—to truly make an impact in this world. I will take full advantage of my education, which I cannot wait for!