Class of 2022

Hometown: Ufa, Russia

Major: Political Science
Minors: History and Visual & Media Studies

Hobbies: I love travelling, living in different communities and listening to the unique stories of people from all over the world. I can't live without photography, painting and creative writing, but at the same time I'm really passionate about social innovation and working for startups that aim to reinvent the world and improve people's lives.

Why Duke?

Duke students are free to be themselves and pursue their unique academic interests. At Duke, I can study politics, visual arts and writing, work on interdisciplinary projects that combine both of my passions, and even complete two theses, one of them outside of my main department! I have built my own academic path through a variety of liberal arts courses, independent study projects, internships and, of course, the Duke in New York program.

What have you done at Duke?

A set designer for Duke Freewater Productions, a costume designer for Duke Players, a communications assistant for Bass Connections, a contributing writer for the Chronicle, a publicity chair for the Photography Club, and so much more!

How has being a scholar affected you?

The OUSF staff and the Karsh Scholarship supported me through every step of my academic and career journey. From my entrepreneurship internship in Sydney to a creative writing project in London, they have given me endless opportunities to grow as a global citizen, a critical thinker and a future leader. Besides, when the US Embassy in my country shut down and I could not renew my student visa, my scholarship director helped me secure an emergency visa appointment in a different country and get funding for my travel. Without the Karsh Scholarship, I would not be able to return to Duke and finish my senior year, so I feel extremely lucky to have such a strong support network.  I love exploring Durham's food scene and cozy coffee shops, attending guest lectures and movie screenings, going on weekend trips with my friends and taking a stroll through the Duke Gardens!