Class of 2025

Hometown: Germantown, Maryland

Major: Neuroscience Major, Chemistry Minor, Pre-Medicine

Hobbies: Reading and African Dance

Why Duke?

The decision to attend Duke University became clear upon exposure to the many opportunities and individualized resources Duke provides to students like myself. Originating from a first-generation, low-income, single-parent household, I was deciding which institution would not only recognize my challenges, but actively take steps to create a welcoming environment amidst such a monumental life transition, and Duke did just that! Upon submitting my initial application to Duke, the Office of University Scholars and Fellows (OUSF) reached out to me and invited me to apply for the David M. Rubenstein Scholarship where I was not only awarded a full, merit-based scholarship to attend the institution, but introduced to a community of driven, like-minded peers from similar backgrounds. Ultimately, I chose to attend Duke because they decided to invest in me and my success!

During my time here at Duke, I have remained an active participant in organizations such as Cardea Fellows, Duke EMS, Duke LIFE, Duke BrainIAC, Duke Africa, and Duke STEM Connect. I have also gained experience with the Duke University School of Medicine as a Research Assistant within the Department of Radiation Oncology along with my work at the Wilson Center for Science and Justice at Duke Law as a Research Assistant focused on improving rehabilitation for those who are experiencing substance use disorder. I chose to obtain a B.S. in Neuroscience with a minor in Chemistry on the pre-medicine track as medicine is my true passion. I am looking forward to engaging with more Duke organizations, giving back to the Durham community, and inspiring those from similar backgrounds to reach for the stars!