Class of 2025
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Academic Interests: Neuroscience with possible minors in Music or English

Hobbies: Outside the classroom, I love anything outdoors-related (running, hiking, etc.), drawing elaborate zentangles with Sharpies, writing songs, and baking something with a LOT of chocolate in it.

Why Duke?

The A.B. Duke scholarship means the absolute world to me. Duke has always been my dream school and I'm extremely grateful to make it my home for the next (at least) four years. The A.B. program has given me the intellectual and financial flexibility to pursue all of my interests in the sciences and arts, and truly take charge of my academic career. More than anything, this scholarship has given me the support and camaraderie from some of the most talented, creative, and compassionate students in the world, individuals who continue to inspire me in all my endeavors. I'm ecstatic for the many incredible memories these next few years will have to offer: meals with renowned faculty, summers at Oxford, and many opportunities to bond with other merit scholars. I know I will always have this community to depend on with whatever hardships, losses, or pandemics life may bring. While this scholarship spans just four years, I'm positive that its impact on my career and who I am as a person will span a lifetime, and I could not be more excited to begin this new chapter of my life.

A HUGE thank you to OUSF and the A.B. Committee for making this possible, and helping us through every step of the way!