Class of 2022

Hometown: Youna, The Gambia

Majors: Global Health, International Comparative Studies

Minor: Arabic

Hobbies: Outside the classroom, I am always excited about connecting with my younger siblings via WhatsApp. I also enjoy reading and watching comedy shows.

Why Duke?

When Duke's school motto changed from Knowledge and Faith to Knowledge in the Service of the Community, it showed its commitment to tolerance‚ welcoming students from different faiths or with no religious affiliation. Thus, I was pleased to learn that Duke is the first, amongst its kind, to have a full-time Muslim Chaplain, making it easier for Muslim students to fulfill their religious obligations.

Additionally, I feel Duke is unique in its commitment to interdisciplinary learning, particularly in the assistance the school provides to students in shaping their areas of study and in the very structure of their programs. I knew I would have the opportunity to double major in two academic passions‚ Global Health and International Comparative Studies.

Being a MasterCard Foundation Scholar means I enjoy privileges that most of my peers could not. In addition to paying my tuition and all other necessary expenses, I am privileged to learn life-changing skills through events organized for merit-based scholars.

Over the years, I participated in several activities on campus, some of which include representing Duke at the Qatar Foundation Debate at Harvard University in Fall 2019, mentoring freshman and sophomores who are considering the global health major, and being a student ambassador where I guided potential freshmen. Furthermore, I work with the Center for Muslim Life in the research and documentation of the history of Islam and Muslims at Duke and curating a timeline for the events.

For fun, I often hang out with friends on campus, go on a hike in Duke Forest, and occasionally play soccer.