Class of 2025

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India

Academic Interests:  I plan on completing the BS in Economics Major, and a Computer Science minor. Additionally, I would like to complete the certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a certificate in Documentary Studies.

Hobbies: Playing soccer, cooking, swimming, dancing, and listening to music are some of my passions outside academics. I also like travelling to new places, getting to know people, learning about different cultures, and sharing my own experiences.

Why Duke? 

Duke University embraces those willing to take risks, enjoy collaboration, and have an unconventional approach to viewing the world and its myriad problems. I am a big fan of working with others and pushing towards a common goal, and Duke's willingness to nurture that, along with its excellent academic programs, drew me towards it. Additionally, the vibrant, diverse, welcoming, and close-knit community is one I would love to be a part of.

The Karsh International Scholarship is providing me with generous financial support, academic and research opportunities, and a diverse, intellectual community of students, which I plan on using to enrich myself and share that with others. It has given me the opportunity to not only receive quality education in a premier institute like Duke, but also the chance to engage and develop meaningful connections with professors and students.

I enjoy playing soccer, swimming, dancing, listening to music, watching tv shows, and laughing. Travelling to new places, learning about cultures, and meeting new people are also things that I love and cherish. At Duke, I hope to make myself vulnerable and learn more about myself as a person by participating in activities and clubs that were previously unfamiliar to me.