Class of 2025

Hometown: Somerset, New Jersey

Major: Program II: Broadcasting while Black: Gender & Race in the 21st Century Newsroom and the Impact of Digital Media

Mellon Project: Raw Audio of Honest Voices: The Black Woman’s Contemporary Journalistic Approach to Transcending Race and Gender

The significance of my research lies in the influence of entertainment and journalism on broadcast news and the role of black women reporters/and or anchors. My primary focus is to shed light on the black experiences of reporters and how they crave equity in spaces where they are amongst the few who have a similar identity. Additionally, it’s important for me to include gender because of the intersectional view of what it means to be me; a black woman. Given the presence of social media and how reporters are currently traversing this space (ie. Twitter), the addition of digital media will help reframe what news is today. And generate further conversation on its significance in modern society. A study of oral collections will also occur and provide an historical background on women in journalism.