Class of 2024
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Gastonia, North Carolina

Major: Environmental Sciences
Minor: Chemistry

Hobbies: I'm really passionate about environmental justice, and I have been able to explore this interest through my extracurricular involvements. Beyond school and extracurriculars, I'm an avid amateur chef, artist, and road tripper.

Why Duke?

When I first opened my Duke acceptance letter, I never imagined the impact that it would have on both my academic and personal life. I had always viewed college as simply a stepping stone to a career, but my freshman year at Duke has already shown me what a unique opportunity college is to explore all of my interests and passions. Being a B.N. Duke Scholar has further given me the freedom and confidence to really delve into the different opportunities available at Duke.

Going into college, I knew that environmentalism was really important to me, and I made an effort to get involved with environmental clubs at Duke. I have already been able to work on projects I'm really passionate about, such as creating a greater framework for environmental justice in Duke's undergraduate community. I've gotten to work with both administrators, faculty, and students through these projects, and it's really allowed me to see just how much passion there is at all levels of Duke.

Additionally, I always knew that I wanted to attend a school with a vibrant social life and strong school spirit. Despite the restrictions on Duke sporting events, my friends and I still made every effort to watch the big Duke basketball games, and I can only imagine how fun it will be to experience this tradition in person. The Duke experience is certainly unique, and I am so excited to see what the rest of my college years bring.