Class of 2022
Susan F. Beischer, George D. Beischer, and Frances Hill Fox Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Major: Psychology

Minors: Biology and Korean

Hobbies: Animal Care, Dance, Languages, and Food (Baking/Cooking)

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because of the collaborative, challenging, and diverse environment. I saw an opportunity to grow intellectually and personally through Duke's classes and community.

While at Duke, I've been working in the Koeberl Lab assisting veterinarians and providing medical and daily care for dogs and mice with Glycogen Storage Disease. I also am part of Duke's Kpop Dance Team, Pureun, serving as the Marketing Chair, a choreographer, and a small group leader. I also participated in Duke Engage in Korea during 2019, teaching English to children in multicultural schools.

The Trinity Scholarship has provided me a safe space to explore my interests, passions, and potential career paths without financial pressure influencing my decisions. Without it, I would have felt too cautious to make major changes to my college plan, or I would not have had the chance to go to Duke at all.

When I'm not doing assignments or studying for tests, I dance with friends, eat in one of Duke's many eateries (but mostly just WU), host game nights, play video games, and bake a multitude of breads and cookies.