Class of 2022

Hometown: Closter, New Jersey

Majors: Neuroscience and Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics 

Hobbies: health and fitness, data science in healthcare

Tell us about your Duke experience:

I am interested in the applications of computer science and data science to various issues in healthcare and medicine. I am pursuing an interdepartmental major in Neuroscience and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, and plan on attending medical school. While at Duke, I have been involved in several organizations, including the HackDuke planning committee design team and the Duke Innovative Design Agency (DIDA); graphic design has been a hobby/interest of mine since before coming to Duke so I loved being a part of these my freshman and sophomore years. Early in my career at Duke, two fellow AB scholars introduced me to computer science and web design, which was a great transition from my graphic design interests. I designed the graphics for a web app that matches Duke students carpooling to and from RDU airport, MeYouRDU.com, created by those same two friends. As our development of the application progressed, I transitioned to the programming side myself – and thus, a computer science major was born. Since I’ve discovered my love of computer science, I have gotten more involved on the data science side of Duke – I created the website for Duke Applied Machine Learning (DukeAML.com) as well as worked on several data science projects for the club. I have also been conducting independent study research projects since my sophomore year in the Pearson Lab for computational neuroscience. Currently, I’m working on predicting songbird vocalizations based on animal pose estimation data. The AB program was extremely influential for me from my first days at Duke, since without the push from my fellow scholars I may not have ever discovered my current academic interests. I absolutely love the classes I take and cannot imagine being on any other track. I also look to my fellow scholars as great resources, whether it be for working together on school work or asking for course recommendations from upperclassmen. I have also created lasting bonds with several scholars and would consider them my closest friends at Duke.