Class of 2024
Susan F. Beischer, George D. Beischer, and Frances Hill Fox Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Morganton, North Carolina

Major: Mathematics
Minor: Physics

Hobbies: I am an avid golfer and I hope to play in a amateur tournaments in the next few years. I also spend a lot of time teaching math in both paid and unpaid settings. I take a lot of pride in being able to find interesting ways to highlight the essence of mathematical ideas. 

Why Duke?

Duke has an incredibly strong faculty in Mathematics. Duke is also big enough that when you find an interesting interplay between two subjects you can find a Professor who has worked in this intersection. In my first semester at Duke I participated in the Immigration and Citizenship FOCUS cluster and I continue to participate in a few clubs that work with immigrants and refugees in the Durham area. I am the Vice-President of The Lyceum, a club designed to provide a social space for students interested in Mathematics, and I work as a Teaching Assistant in the Math Department. One of the most valuable aspects of being involved with a Scholarship group is the support provided by the OUSF faculty. Having a scholarship also allows me to look at going to grad school immediately after my four years at Duke. I spend a lot of my downtime at Duke playing chess with friends and taking walks around campus.