Class of 2024
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Morrisville, North Carolina

Majors: Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mathematics
Minor: Financial Economics

Hobbies: Outside of the classroom, I am interested in Tennis, Blockchain, and exploring policy effectiveness through data science.

Why Duke?

I chose Duke primarily because of the quality of interactions I had with professors and students during the month leading up to decision day. The diverse student body, as well as unique and impressive backgrounds of many of my peers, convinced me that Duke was a place where I could learn an incredible amount, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

At Duke, I am a portfolio strategist in the Investment Club and a research assistant at the Fuqua School of Business.

The scholarship has been incredibly valuable in providing me the freedom to study what I am truly passionate about, as well a set of extremely interesting peers with incredible interests. Beyond the surface, however, the scholarship has also provided me the opportunity to connect with some B.N. upperclassmen and alumni who have been great resources during my time here. 

Aside from everything else, I love to play tennis and meet new people at Duke.