Class of 2023
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Parkland, Florida

Major: English
Minor: Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

Hobbies: Journalism, Writing, Poetry, Movies, Environmental Justice, Animals and biology in general

Tell us about your Duke experience:

I am passionate about journalism and writing, working at the 9th Street Journal, a newspaper running out of the Sanford School of Public Policy, and interning at the South Florida Sun Sentinel. I also take photos with The Chronicle, serving as Sports Photography Editor, write and edit for the arts and culture magazine on campus, FORM, and DJs at the Duke radio station, WXDU. She loves reading and writing poetry, going to concerts and listening to music, biking, and visiting the Duke Pond.

The A.B. Duke Scholarship has meant everything to me in my time at Duke so far. It has given me peace of mind, as I know I can explore and shift my interests and studies with the guidance of OUSF. It has given me support, more advisors, and opportunities to entertain projects I might wish to. It has given me the gift of friendship and community, stabilizing me through some of the most disorienting times I have ever experienced, specifically this past year. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this community.