Class of 2023

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Majors: Visual & Media Studies, Cultural Anthropology
Certificate: Documentary Studies

I am a first-generation, low-income, Latinx student who is in love with filmmaking, photography, and art. As an artist, I am driven by my love of education, anthropology, documentary studies, and social media. I believe in the power of story-telling and personal narratives in connecting with others and in assessing inequities in education. Additionally, I believe that social media is a powerful tool for expanding programs and businesses. My goals are to work in an environment that encourages growth, creativity, collaboration, and having lasting change in local communities. With my creative and educational background, I can contribute meaningfully to the success and development of an organization. As an effective communicator with photography, videography, and social media skills, I strive for excellence and impact as well as continuing to enhance my creative ability within the professional field.