Class of 2026
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Major: Undecided, possibly psychology or neuroscience

Hobbies: After medically retiring from a fifteen year gymnastics career, I consider myself “an athlete without a sport.” I also love to hike and kayak, and am looking forward to finding even more new ways to stay active. I was heavily involved in my high school’s Environmental Club, and am hoping to find a similar organization at Duke. I’m also working everyday to improve my culinary skills…

Why Duke?

My alumni connection comes from my dad, who completed his masters in physical therapy here at Duke. He passed away almost three years ago, and one of the hardest parts has been his absence during the college search. This scholarship feels like a bittersweet reminder that his presence, wisdom, and love will always be felt. It’s an honor to become the second Blue Devil of the Cutick family! Growing up in Durham, I was completely unaware of Duke’s immense impact on my life. I viewed it as the gold standard during the college search, and am truly thrilled that it's actually a reality. Duke provides the perfect balance in nearly all aspects. A liberal arts education within a research powerhouse is the perfect environment for someone with defined, yet evolving interests. Duke’s emphasis on a strong advising framework gives me confidence that I’ll know just how to get the most out of Duke’s plethora of academic, extracurricular, and research activities. The tight-knit community that QuadEx, Focus, and even infectious school spirit create is equally as appealing, and reassures me that Duke is the perfect place for my next phase of life. This scholarship is the piece that makes the Duke experience a reality, and I’m indescribably grateful and proud to be an Alumni Scholar.