Class of 2022

Hometown: Austin, TX

Majors: Computer Science and Statistics

Minor: Literature

Hobbies: Critical theory, philosophy, poker/Hold em, election/political modeling, Dallas sports

Tell us about your Duke experience:

I'm studying computer science and statistics with a minor in literature. I love to think and read about different methods of understanding the world, whether that be from a political, economic, or sociological perspective, and I consider my majors to be a framework for me to achieve that goal from a more technical side. I likely want to be involved in macroeconomic research after graduating, at a hedge fund, a think tank, or at a university. At Duke, I've been involved in research in behavioral economics and political economy and have been part of Investment Club throughout. I'm also part of an Selective Living Group called Cooper House. Outside of school, I'm a basketball fanatic (NBA and College) and basketball analytics geek, and I cover the Dallas Mavericks as a staff writer for SB Nation.

The A.B. program has given me the opportunity to form really close relationships with upperclassmen who have a lot of advice and insight to give from their experience. Every member of the A.B. is a specialist in their area of interest, and together forms a very diverse group, which is perfect for incoming Duke students who are still exploring.