Class of 2026
Four County Area Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Major: Public Policy

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures, as well as weightlifting. Additionally, I love flying small aircraft which is especially captivating given my fear of heights.

Why Duke?

Coming from an extended lineage of Tarheels, I once believed that the mere consideration of Duke was a "betrayal" to my family. However, during a field trip to Duke my freshman year, I realized that I could in fact see myself in Duke Blue. Over the next few years, I began to look into the incredible community and unique emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and became more excited by the breadth of intellectual horizons. After a difficult conversation with my family, and ultimately an acceptance letter 3½ years later, I was finally able to pull for the team in dark blue. At Duke, I hope to explore the effects of economic policy on the aviation industry, both commercially and in the defense sector. I’m also looking forward to exploring the Spanish department, where I have an interest in migration patterns and its relationship with economic development. This scholarship has meant a great deal to my family and me, especially considering my family's deep roots in the four-county area. I am eternally grateful to the donors of the Four County Area Trinity Scholarship. I’m similarly grateful for my educators, mentors, peers, and family who have provided their unwavering support.