Class of 2026
University Scholar

Hometown: Tenafly, New Jersey

Major: Undecided, but pre-med track

Hobbies: Outside the classroom, I organize for climate justice as a College Fellow at the Jewish Youth Climate Movement, focusing on education and policy work, and I study seminal philosophical and political texts in the Tikvah Collegiate Forum. I am also very musically inclined, playing clarinet, singing soprano, and curating customized playlists for friends. Lastly, I love engaging with different sectors of the biomedical sciences, whether caring for patients while volunteering at a local hospital or doing data analysis for a lab internship.

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because of its dynamic Blue Devil spirit. This spirit drives the university’s academic excellence, cutting-edge research, commitment to service, close-knit community, and, importantly, its interdisciplinary approach. Flaunting Duke’s blue and white colors means never having to choose between this or that and instead proclaiming “and.” At Duke, I can study biology and philosophy; I can be a climate activist and a musician; I can enjoy a rich academic scene and an equally rich social scene. A spirited interdisciplinary atmosphere is what drew me to Duke and the University Scholars Program, and it is what I am most looking forward to.