Class of 2024
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Acworth, Georgia

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics
Minor: Sociology

Hobbies: Singing, songwriting, playing guitar

Extracurricular Activities: Duke Presidential Ambassadors, DTch, NSBE, Swing Dance, Small Town Records, Baldwin Scholars Program, Global Education Ambassador, Off-Campus Advisory Board, OUSF Student Advisory Board

Research: Topological data analysis research with Dr. Veronica Ciocanel; VR research with Dr. Maria Gorlatova

Internships: Software Engineering Intern at Atlassian

Post-Graduate Plans: Software Engineer at Bloomberg

Tell us about your Duke experience:

I truly feel like I have lived nine lives at Duke—one for each semester, plus our amazing Oxford summer with the scholarship! At Duke, I’ve been able to deeply explore my every interest. I’ve taught computer science to students both at Duke and in Durham. I’ve conducted research in both VR and topological data analysis, the latter of which led to publication. I spent a semester exploring Spanish culture and gastronomy in Madrid. I have also developed artistically: I’ve taken classes in acting, screenwriting, and music production, performed at open mics at Coffeehouse, gotten involved with Small Town Records, and right now, I am choreographing a Great Gatsby-inspired piece for Duke Swing Dance (never danced before Duke!). Through the Baldwin Scholars Program and DTech, I have also enjoyed the support of amazing, inspiring women both in Durham and during my internship in NYC.

At Duke, I have also developed a new interest and understanding of climate change. With the support of the A.B. Duke Memorial Scholarship, I was able to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland to study renewable energy and sustainable agriculture—where I was also lucky enough to witness the December 18, 2023 Grindavik volcanic eruption!

The A.B. was my first community at Duke, and through it, I have found friends, mentors, and myself. My fellow scholars have been an endless source of advice, encouragement, and motivation. They inspire me to work harder, and to continue to care about what is dear to me, even when it is not what will bring me the most spoils or acclaim. The A. B. Duke Scholarship empowered me to make the most of Duke, and I am so grateful for every dimension of my experience.