Class of 2024
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Lavale, Maryland

Major: Math
Minor: Philosophy

Hobbies: jazz saxophone, poetry, running, ultimate frisbee, soccer

Why Duke?

Without rewriting my "Why Duke" essay for you, I will say that Duke caught my attention as I watched its blooming cherry blossoms and refreshing Southern rays of sun fall on students who bustled around with both purposeful steps and playfully naive smiles. Duke kept my attention as I discovered Data+, met the math department faculty, and imagined a DukeEngage summer. 

At Duke, I have been able to achieve a 4.0, navigating challenging math courses, while also joining a Data+ team, playing in the jazz band, planning trips with new friends, and actively participating in an unofficial ultimate frisbee club.

I received the Alumni Endowed Undergraduate scholarship, as the name implies, partially because my dad attended this school so many years ago. But to me, it means less about following in my dad's footsteps than it is a daily reminder of a gift I was granted to live my own story and make it one worth writing about. 

There is really not much time for fun when you are busy working to build a great future. Just kidding! Today, I ran the Al Buehler Cross Country Trail, went undefeated through four rounds of spikeball, and went out to eat at an amazing burger joint in Durham.