Class of 2023
Herman W. Bernard Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: High Point, North Carolina

Majors: Neuroscience, Linguistics
Minor: Russian Culture & Language

Hobbies: Playing my viola with the Duke Symphony Orchestra, Language Music and Dementia Bass Connections Research, working at the Bergelson Linguistics lab, traveling

Why Duke?

Since the first moment I stepped on Duke's campus for my first tour, I instantly knew it was where I needed to be. My outstanding peers, world-renowned faculty, and the leading global institutions involved in my education remind me every day of why I am so lucky to be a student here. So far at Duke, (largely due to the incredible FOCUS program) I have been able to explore entire new fields that never were on my academic radar that complement my passion for neuroscience. I play viola in the Duke symphony, have helped create a network for fellow type one diabetics on campus, participate in neuroscience research with my Bass Connections team (Language, Music, and Dementia), and got accepted into Duke in Russia to study the neuroscience of multilingualism in St. Petersburg. The Trinity Scholarship has allowed me to pursue all of these interests and more, making it an invaluable component of my Duke education and future career. 

For fun around Duke and Durham, I love to go hiking and swimming at places like Eno River and in the NC mountains, go to Wilson Recreation Center, listen to podcasts while walking around campus, play spikeball on the quad, try new restaurants in Durham, and practice my viola.