Class of 2026


Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Hiking and Backpacking, African American History, Jazz Music, STEM Education, Philosophy

Why Duke?

To summarize what the Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship means to me in one word, I would pick the word “community.” First, there is the community of scholars. I have been amazed by how enthusiastic and inclusive the other scholars have been: from random advice to Zoom calls to (finally) meeting in person at Blue Devil Days. I am thankful to have a community of support I hope to draw from and give to for the next four years. I am now confident to experiment with potential majors and futures – risks I can only take with this support. In addition, this community is an incredible source of inspiration – from both current and alumni scholars – as we all move down our individual academic and career paths. I look forward to having conversations on topics I am clueless about, issues that we share interests in, and ideas that are just fun to talk about. However, I am also now a small part of the broader Duke community. This scholarship provides the necessary support for me to pursue an education at Duke. I am excited to express my gratitude for this opportunity by giving back to and serving that community, participating in clubs, taking on new challenges, and cheering on fellow Blue Devils. As I move from Arizona to North Carolina, I am ready to dive into this community and find a place to learn new things, build new experiences, and thrive.