Class of 2024
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Evanston, Illinois

Major: Public Policy
Minor: History

Hobbies: Sports, hiking, dog walking, biking

Why Duke?

When choosing a college senior year, I instantly knew Duke was the right choice. With a culture of both sports and academics, Duke was perfect. I love watching and participating in sports, which Duke has plenty of. I also really enjoy taking challenging classes and learning as much as I can about the subjects I am interested in. I am passionate about social justice and activism, which my course selection allows me to focus on. And, as a Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar, where social justice is a core belief, I am able to pursue this in depth. This scholarship has given me an opportunity to expand my research and get to know professors, mentors, and classmates extensively. The Reggie scholarship is a true community and I have found some of my best friends through it.