Class of 2023
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Amman, Jordan and Northfield, Minnesota

Major: Public Policy
Minor: History

Hobbies: My friends and family, cooking and baking, international relations and foreign policy

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because I was excited by the energy and enthusiasm of the students. I think the school is a perfect mix of academic and outside of the classroom interests. I loved the school spirit exhibited by the students and looked forward to being a part of an institution with students who were proud to be there. Although I now love Duke, I was initially reluctant to apply! I thought of Duke as "that basketball school" that my dad was always talking about. However, after being convinced to visit campus, I quickly changed my mind. I was blown away by the energy, intelligence, and enthusiasm of Duke students and professors. I loved the school spirit and the balance between academics, extracurriculars, and social life. I've had a fantastic two years at Duke and know that I most definitely made the right choice!