Class of 2022

Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California

Major: English

Minor: Documentary Studies

Hobbies: Food studies, agriculture, cooking/baking, film, theater, barter economy, bison

Tell us about your Duke experience:

I study English, documentary, and public policy at Duke and am a senior this year after a gap year. During that year, I spent time living on farms and ranches in Montana, Colorado, and South Dakota, shooting a film about the resurgence of bison in the American West (and learning how to skin animals, despite being a vegetarian). I'm very curious about food systems, sustainable agriculture, environmental justice, and the American relationship to the natural world. During my time at Duke, I've worked with local refugee women through the Kenan Institute, worn various hats on film sets, sung in an a cappella group, acted on stage, and written for a handful of newspapers. I'm especially proud of my baking column in the Duke Chronicle (bread talks). Highlights of my time at Duke include solo travelling through Europe on a grant to make a podcast with student climate strikers and spending (half of) last spring doing a TV writing internship through Duke in LA. Thanks to the AB, I feel free to pursue whatever the heck I want after graduating. I'll also have the support of a vast network of faculty, staff, and friends whether I'm chasing my art or trekking through grad school. Until then, I look forward to working at the Duke Campus Farm next year, and hosting elaborate dinner parties, and growing a garden.