Class of 2026

Hometown: Delhi, India

Academic Interests: Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Documentary Studies

Hobbies: Academic research, debate, art, and literature

Why Duke?

One of my favourite concepts from high school science classes is the fact that the universe is made up of many things, but at the root of it, it is atoms and a lot of empty space. This very idea is possibly the most beautiful thing about the social sciences and humanities too. Despite how differently people think, behave, and look, they share the same rudimentary, common elements. While searching for the right college for me, I was looking for a place that offered me a plethora of opportunities to explore these common grounds, both as a part of my work but also as a part of my identity. I wanted the chance to experiment without being forced to confine to a specific pathway. From academic research to performing arts, Duke offered just the right resources for me to grow as a person and meaningfully shape the world around me. As a Karsh International Scholar, I am both excited and honoured to be joining a group of some truly incredible students. I hope to learn from them and their experiences and share the intellectual curiosities that we all harbour. Together, I hope we will carry this baton with both pride and responsibility and help shape this class of Karsh International Scholars as one of the program's finest.