Class of 2025
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Clinton, North Carolina

Major: Public Policy
Certificate: Human Rights

Hobbies: Coming from a Hispanic community, I enjoy dedicating my time to migrant workers and children who come to seek a better opportunity in the United States. I also spend time with students encouraging them to seek a higher education and go to college. Helping my community and creating new service opportunities are also core values I hold close. Learning about current events and political decisions are topics that interest me. I also love to learn about history and the challenges people face throughout the world.

Why Duke?

As I learned about and toured Duke, I felt a connection I did not feel on campus. I chose Duke because I knew I could be provided with a rigorous and sophisticated education that my hometown could not provide me. When I learned about Duke and the students, I knew this was an environment I wanted to be a part of. I didn't expect Duke to feel like home. In fact, for the first time ever, it felt right being in a place that wasn't Sampson County.

I plan to dedicate my time to my community and encourage other students on campus to do the same. By participating in FOCUS and Project Build, it will allow me to learn more about campus and meet upperclassmen. I plan to participate in Duke Student Government to work alongside with students and faculty to help make changes and empower our voices. Learning about law, politics and economics will be the foundation of my career, helping me obtain the knowledge I need to make our communities a better place.

Becoming a B.N. Scholar is an honor and a privilege. This scholarship will not only open many doors for me but will allow me to teach other students about the importance of continuing college and serving our communities. As I will explore campus, I plan to explore the many opportunities and events that could interest me. I plan to make new friends and adventure this new world of knowledge.