Class of 2027
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science
Minor: Classical Civilizations

Hobbies and Interests: Weightlifting, baseball, coding, crossword puzzles, baking, math research, playing with my dog

Why Duke?

Duke is a center for the graceful paradox—a place where the seemingly contradictory blend, adapt, and thrive. A place where an enriching academic environment and the wild spirit of the Cameron Crazies fuse to form a cohort of enthused problem solvers. A place where gothic archways and modern glass panels merge to create a campus that nods to the past but looks towards the future. A place where disciplines converge and ingenuity results.

Duke’s also more than a place: it's an ethos that extends the concept of a graceful paradox to the way courses are taught, research is conducted, and innovation is driven. I decided to come to Duke because I believe that modern challenges necessitate nonlinear thinking—the kind of thinking that merges things that don’t instinctively belong together to yield powerful results. Immersed in Duke’s ethos, I believe I will be best positioned to develop as a problem solver, innovator, and leader.