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We are delighted to announce that Gwen Volmar is joining OUSF as the new Director of Nationally Competitive Scholarships beginning March 21st.

Gwen spent the past 14 years working at Harvard in the field of nationally competitive scholarships and undergraduate research. Most recently, Gwen served as the associate director for the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships and has worked with hundreds of students and faculty members throughout her career.

Gwen is eager to begin meeting and advising students once she arrives in March. She asked us to share the following sentiment with all of you. "I'm so excited to be joining the NCS team and especially to meet you! I love chatting about life after college, learning about new people and ideas, and teaming up to take on big, scary, audacious things."

And a big thanks to our NCS students who participated in the NCS Director search process! We appreciate you supporting us in recruiting Gwen to Duke.