Students have a roundtable discussion during the first year retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

All merit scholarships cover the following costs:

  • Tuition
  • Exact housing charges
  • Standard meal plan 
  • Mandatory fees (includes student activity, student service, student health, recreation, dining hall, post office box charges, and registration fees)

Do you still have questions?  If you are an international student, contact Janice Coleman (Janice.coleman@duke.edu) at Financial Aid.  If you are a domestic student, contact Jackie Alford Hewitt (Jackie.alford@duke.edu) for more information.

Yes, your scholarship can be used to fund a study away during the academic year.  The program must be Duke-approved. Talk to your financial aid counselor about how to cover the costs of study away.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, program coordinators are assigned as follows:

Of course we're always happy to talk to and help any scholar at any time, but these are our primary assignments.

Please check your handbook and the enrichment funding page to find these answers.


In order to withdraw to an underload, merit scholars must get permission from MSP Director Mark Dudley and their Academic Dean.

Absolutely! Our Nationally Competitive Scholarships team is full of experts on all kinds of post-graduate opportunities.  Explore their website and then make an appointment with one of them.

Talk to Carla Burkhard! She's got extensive alumni contacts, and it is very likely she knows someone who would love to help mentor you.

The selection process may look very different this year as we navigate the new legal landscape in admissions. Once we know how you can help us recruit these amazing scholars, we will let you know.  OUSF remains as committed as ever to equity, diversity, inclusion and excellence in our scholar community.

Talk to your program coordinator or your scholarship's OSAC representative.

Check the OUSF Student Advisory Committee's page. We will update the page with information as soon as we have elections!

It depends on your scholarship.  Check your handbook or contact your program coordinator.

If an event is "mandatory" or "required," it means that you must come to the event unless you have a class at the same time.  We try and have only a few of these events a year, and we will let you know when they are in plenty of time for you to plan other club meetings, rehearsals and study sessions around them.  Mandatory OUSF events should take priority.  If you have an emergency (accident, illness, etc.) and cannot come to a mandatory event, please let your program coordinator know before the event.  You should also let your program coordinator know if you have a class conflict.

If you miss a mandatory event, you may be placed on programmatic probation.

Programatic probation is a consequence of missing a mandatory OUSF event.  You will receive an email from either MSP Director Mark Dudley or OUSF Executive Director Karen Weber detailing the consequences of your failure to attend.  You may be required to attend another event or meet with an OUSF staff member. You are not eligible for enrichment funding while you are on programatic probation.

In extreme cases, your scholarship funding could be in jeopardy.  In other words, if we say you need to be there, you need to make it a priority to be there.


Applying to DukeEngage

If you intend to apply to DukeEngage, please fill out this form- 


Intent to Study Abroad

If you are planning on studying abroad, please let us know by filling out this form