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2022 Fellowships February

Our series of information sessions introduce students to the various scholarship opportunities beyond Duke.

Faculty Panel
(Tentative) The first week in February, via Zoom
Faculty from different disciplines will form a panel to talk about the ways they like to get to know Duke students.  This discussion is particularly of interest to first-year and sophomore students, but all are welcome.  We will cover topics like: How do you ask for a letter of recommendation?  Do faculty ever say no to these requests? What do faculty expect to happen during office hours?  What advice would faculty give for the best way to make the most of Duke?  The panel includes John Board...  Please bring questions you may have or email them in advance to ncs-ousf@duke.edu.

Nakayama Public Service Scholarship
Wednesday, February 9th, 5:30 pm, 130 Allen Building
The Nakayama Public Service Scholarship, in its second year, is for Duke Juniors who are interested in careers in the public sector after graduation.  Director Chris Simmons, who is also an Associate Vice President for Government Relations, will present.

Fulbright Scholarship Alumni Panel
Thursday, February 10th, 5:00 pm, via Zoom
Duke recipients will talk about their experiences with these fully-funded grants for research, graduate study, or English Teaching Abroad to over 140 different countries! Rising seniors, alumni, and graduate students are eligible.

Historically Underrepresented
Thursday, February 17th, 5:00 pm, via Zoom

Presenting a panel of alumni and current students who will discuss their experiences in applying for nationally competitive scholarships as members of groups who are often underrepresented among applicants. Panel includes Jamal Burns, Valerie Muensterman, and Quinn Smith.

Applying for UK Graduate Scholarships
Thursday, February 24th 5:00 pm, via Zoom   
Presenting a panel of Duke alumni who have been awarded scholarships to study in the UK. Learn how to apply to a variety of opportunities for graduate study with Duke’s full support!


Fellowships at 4:00 

Mondays 4:00–5:00 PM EST, on Zoom for January 2022, https://duke.zoom.us/j/116298210 
Curious about what fellowships are?  Our informal advising sessions are here to help answer your questions. You don’t need to know anything about specific scholarships, just be prepared to talk about your academic and personal interests. Do you have questions after watching one of our videos? Want to get to know an advisor without the formality of an appointment? Come talk with us! 

In January we will have Zoom sessions for Fellowships at 4:00. For people who want to meet in person, we are also having in-person sessions at the same time in January, see the table for those locations. 

In-person locations for Fellowships at 4:00 for Spring 2022

Date Location

January 24

 Zoom onlyhttps://duke.zoom.us/j/116298210  *In-person location rescheduled*

January 31

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity - Bryan Center  or Zoom: https://duke.zoom.us/j/116298210

February 7

Women's Center

February 21

Kilgo Quad

February 28

Smith Warehouse, Bay 8, 2nd floor, Living Room

March 21

Swift Quad

March 28

International House

April 4

FSL Conference Room - Bryan Center

April 11

Few Quad FF101 Commons Room

* Check back as new locations may be added.*


Past Events: Check out our past events, which are now online resources.


Sophomore & Junior Info Session

Sophomores and juniors, watch our video session to learn about prestigious scholarships you can apply for this fall semester. Did you know there are scholarships for career STEM researchers like Goldwater, and graduate school funding f for public advocates of all kinds through the Truman Scholarship?  OUSF's Nationally Competitive Scholarship staff will introduce you to great opportunities for this semester and your future!

Welcome to Duke from NCS!

First-years, watch our video session to learn how to get started at Duke, and reach for Nationally Competitive Scholarships both during Duke undergrad and beyond.


2021 Fellowships February Events

(Click on the titles to access the video of the event. Check back later if the video is not available.)

Applying for Fulbright and International Awards Video
March 3 

Learn how to apply to a variety of opportunities for graduate study with Duke’s full support! Will include Fulbright, DAAD, Luce, and other opportunities.

Applying for UK and other Graduate Scholarships Video
March 4 

Learn how to apply to a variety of opportunities for graduate study with Duke’s full support!

Schwarzman Scholarship Video
February 2
Designed to prepare young leaders to deepen understanding between China and the rest of the world; Schwarzman Scholars immerse in an international community of thinkers, innovators and senior leaders in business, politics, and society.

Nakayama Public Service Scholarship Video
February 3
Hear about a new scholarship opportunity for five Duke Juniors who are planning to devote their lives to public service.

Building Strong Relationships with Faculty Video
February 4
Join as a panel of faculty talk about how they like to get to know students better. Bring questions and find out how these relationships relate to your career at Duke as well as scholarship applications.

Diverse Marshall Scholarship Experiences
February 10
A panel of former Marshall scholars with diverse backgrounds will come together to talk about their experiences applying for the scholarship as well as what it means to be a diverse student in the United Kingdom. Bios of Panelists 

Why Study STEM at a UK Graduate School? Video
February 11

Duke Alumni who have pursued science fields in the United Kingdom on either the Marshall or Rhodes scholarship come together to talk about why that study has been beneficial in their career and what is different about labs and classwork in the UK. Bios of Panelists

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Video
February 16 

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program is a graduate-level scholarship from Stanford aimed at preparing the next generation of global leaders to address the increasingly complex challenges facing the world.

Fulbright Scholarship Alumni Panel
February 17 
[video recording coming soon]
Learn about fully-funded grants for research, graduate study, or English Teaching Abroad to over 140 different countries! Rising seniors, alumni, and graduate students are eligible.  The Duke alumni panelists are: Sahil Sandhu T‘20 study Fulbright in Health Services Research at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom; Jay Sullivan T‘16 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia; and McCall Wells T‘16 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Spain.

Rhodes Scholarship Duke Student Perspectives Video
February 18 

What does it take to win a Rhodes Scholarship and what is it like to hold one? Duke's 2020 Rhodes Scholars-Elect, Jamal Burns and Kendall Jeffreys, as well as Rhodes Scholars Ariel Kantor T'19 and Claire Wang T'19 will talk about their experience.

P.D. Soros Fellowships for New Americans Video
February 23  

A graduate scholarship opportunity for immigrants and the children of immigrants in recognition of the contributions they make as new citizens.  The panelists will be Maria Pia Rodriguez Salazar, 2020 Soros Fellow, PhD in Cell Biology at Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2014; and Antonina Vykhrest, 2019 Soros Fellow, MBA at Harvard University, Duke University Trinity graduate class of 2010. Bios of Panelists

Rotary Global Grants-What are they? Video
February 25 

Renee Reiling, a Regional Grant Officer, with The Rotary Foundation will talk about the opportunity. Jaclyn Grace T’15, a current student at Oxford, and Catherine Ward T’18, a current law student at UVA who studied at Cambridge University on a Rotary Scholarship, will talk about their experiences as Rotary Scholarship recipients.


Fulbright Webinars

Throughout the summer, join Fulbright staff for more in-depth discussions of your choices for a Fulbright year and the application components. Past sessions are also recorded!  (Please be sure to follow Duke's campus deadline, August 14,  for your complete application. The full timeline is on the application process on our page on Fulbright. This application timeline includes Duke alumni and graduate students!)
Past recorded sessions include:

  • *NEW* Alumni Ambassador Panel: LGBTQ+ Applicants
  • Regional advice webinars J
  • *NEW* Alumni Ambassador Panel: First-generation college students 
  • *NEW* Alumni Ambassador Panel: Reapplying to Fulbright

  • Study/Research Alumni Ambassador Q&A 

You may also get inspiration & insight from Fulbright's official social Instagram, and from Fulbright alumni affinity groups on Instagram: FulbrightPrism, FulbrightNoirFulbrightLatinx, and FulbrightLotus.


Marshall Mondays with UK Universities
Join for introductions to top university programs, short lectures, and hear from post-graduate Fulbright & Marshall Scholars. See the full schedule and past videos


Personal Statement Workshop

video is now available on our "Videos" page.
We’ll lead you on fun activities with peers to help you rediscover your experiences that showcase key attributes and achievements. Then we’ll share strategies for writing your stories in a compelling, memorable way, whether you’re gearing up for graduate school, preparing to network and study with future and current world leaders, or showing your readiness to roll up your sleeves for community work or independent research a world away.