Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Thank you for taking the time to write a letter of recommendation for a nationally competitive scholarship application. Yours is a valuable contribution to this formative process and we appreciate your advocacy on behalf of the applicant.

Please be aware, it is a matter of NCS policy that applicants must waive their right to see your letter of recommendation. We also cannot accept letters authored by applicants; the endorsement must be from the letter-signer.

At any time in the process, from brainstorming the first draft to finalizing your letter, we are delighted to help. Please contact if you would like to discuss further or for questions or concerns.

 Study/ResearchEnglish Teaching Assistantship (ETA)
  1. Proposal Strength
    • Validity
    • Feasibility
    • Methodology
    • Strengths of research affiliation/host institution
    • Appropriateness of the choice of location
    • Arts Applicants: Technical and professional accomplishment in discipline
  2. Preparation
    • Research or transferrable experience
    • Academic background
    • Language ability (as needed)
  3. Potential as a US cultural ambassador
    • Interest in learning from the host country   community beyond research or study agenda
    • Maturity, adaptability, flexibility
    • Knowledge of country’s culture, society, news, or history
  1. Preparation for Teaching 
    • Experience or capacities for teaching or mentoring
    • Strong communication skills
    • Academic background
  2. Potential as a US cultural ambassador
    • Capacity to respond well to challenges
    • Maturity, adaptability, flexibility
    • Engaging students, teachers, and community
    • Knowledge of a country’s culture, society, news, or history
Number of Recommendation Letters33



Application Timeline

Duke Campus DeadlineNCS convenes a faculty committee to evaluate the applicationsAugust 22
National Foundation Submission October 11



You will receive a link by email from the national foundation (check your spam folder) and should submit the letter online by the campus deadline. It should be a signed PDF on letterhead. NCS cannot submit the letter on your behalf, nor can it be altered after it has been submitted.

Please address your letter to the “Fulbright Selection Committee”.

  • How does the applicant meet the Fulbright criteria?  What is outstanding about their scholarship, leadership, and/or character?
  • Why is the proposed host country the best place for them to study?
  • How does their study plan fit into their future ambitions?
  • What examples can you share that illustrate your strong endorsement for the candidate?
  • How does this applicant compare to other people you have taught/supervised?